Share Your Knowledge of Other Businesses

Networking events, though great places to meet potential clients, customers, or new business partners, can be nerve racking, especially if you’re not a social butterfly or are new to promoting your business. Instead of focusing all your energy on promoting your own business, listen to what the other business owners have to say and then spread the word. Not only will this help move potentially awkward conversations forward, it also allows you to demonstrate your ability to make connections.

People who know people want to be known by other people as this often leads to future business opportunities.


Referring business to trusted friends and colleagues is another way to demonstrate you have close connections in the business community. Not all referrals are created equal, however. Make sure you can vouch for the owner’s professionalism and quality of work. Making a referral just to make a referral could work for you or against depending on the work performed.

In most cases, it’s best to refer the work of someone you’ve already worked with or for. Not only can you share personal experiences, you can also provide first-hand knowledge of the owner’s professionalism, quality of work, and customer service.

Online Networking

Online business networking sites help you connect with those in your industry as well as those who work in similar industries. Use these sites to gather information about particular industries, learn more about the major players, or garnish some sage advice from those who have been in the business longer. Making connections on these sites also allows you to meet (as well as introduce) more people than attending local events alone. Update your profile to include info about your business and update it often when offering new products or services.

A Final Word about Business Networking

Networking is a give and take. Over time, you’ll learn when to speak about your business and when to listen to others. Sharing important business information allows everyone’s business to grow and thrive. Support other small businesses and they will do the same for you.