Does this scenario sound familiar? To impress a new client, you promise to fulfill an order or provide a service in less time than it would normally take you. While this may make you look like a real go-getter, now you’re stuck running around scrambling to get things done. This will affect the overall quality of your work. Instead, impress your new client by providing the service or product in a reasonable timeframe and with the best customer service possible. Your client will thank you in the end with additional work or referrals.

Clients Love Getting What They Ask For

Yes, getting a little something extra will make most people very happy. But your clients will be just as happy if you deliver exactly what you promise without time delays or excuses. This doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a few extras – additional customer service, a free gift, or small discount for placing a huge order. But if you promise to deliver 100 widgets in 10 days and then deliver 105 widgets in eight days, chances are no one will really notice.

The point is to provide the very best service possible – that’s what people expect (hopefully, that’s why they hired you). Spend your free time building your clientele, expanding services, or developing products rather than delivering more than what you promise.

What’s Best for Your Business?

Whether you spend extra time exceeding client/customer expectations or not is really up to you. Carefully weigh each decision you make when it comes to how you spend each minute at work. For small business owners, every minute counts. Some clients may be more demanding than others. Stay consistent in what you deliver, try to provide the best customer service, and take some time to work on building your business. It’s a careful juggling act, but know that most people will thank, thank, thank you for delivering what you promise.