Look to the Past

What first inspired you to start a business? Consider these reasons when planning for the future. Are there unexplored areas you meant to cover but haven’t yet? Expanding or building on current business services may be just the thing to inspire you. In many cases, business owners become bored or dissatisfied with their business because they no longer feel challenged the way they did when starting out. Reignite your passion by challenging yourself to meet (and exceed) new business goals.

Get Out There and Network

New business ideas rarely fall into your lap – you need to actively seek them out by talking with others. Host monthly employee meetings to discuss new business opportunities, attend small business networking events, or attend a conference or seminar where you can learn something new. And even if you don’t discover that ‘next big idea’, getting away from your office and talking with other people may give you a new perspective or at least provide a little change of pace from normal work routines.

Mentor Others

There’s nothing more inspiring than watching someone go out there and make something of themselves. Be a part of that by mentoring new business owners – share your experiences and inspire others to take the leap into business ownership. Along the way, some of that inspiration may cause you to rethink certain aspects of your business.

Take More Risks

Most businesses remain successful because business owners constantly take risks. Whether you want to expand, move to a new location, or start an entirely new business, at least consider the possibilities. Remaining stagnant won’t help your business in the long run (or your sanity). You don’t have to take a huge risk, just make small changes here and there to keep your business fresh and relevant. Consider a new marketing strategy, update business branding, or moving into a new arena that’s still within your comfort zone. Take additional risks as you see fit.

Inspiration comes and goes – just make sure you remain open to it and embrace new ideas as they come.