Why Dreams are Awesome

You probably started your business out of necessity, maybe you were laid off or you couldn’t find employment through traditional means or you simply wanted to be your own boss. Do you remember that time right before you started your business? I’ll bet you spent lots of time dreaming and planning and then dreaming some more. That time was necessary for you to formulate clear strategies and help you overcome fear or anxiety.

This is why you need to keep dreaming. Even though you’ve established your business, you should daydream about the future – even just a little bit. Maybe you want to expand into new markets, build a better product, open a new location, or delve into your business full-time rather than maintaining part-time status while working for someone else. Dreaming helps us realize hidden goals while building up the courage to make meaningful changes.

Daydreaming can fuel new ideas, help you solve tough business problems, and make running a business more fun. Dreaming taps into the subconscious mind, which as this article from Business Insider explores, to help us become better leaders and decision makers.

Daydream More Often

Take some time to daydream by going for a morning, afternoon, or evening walk. Daydream for a few minutes when sitting at your desk. Take a nap if possible or zone out in front of the television. Do something other than work or thinking about work strategies and let your mind wander. You’ll be surprised what your mind will come up with if you let it out to play once in a while!