Training Bookkeepers in the Latest and Best Practices

If you are a bookkeeper looking to refine and improve your skills, or if you are currently an employee on an in-house bookkeeping staff, experienced CPA Cheryl Driscoll can provide you with all your bookkeeping needs, and work to train you or your staff.

Improving the Quality of Your Bookkeeping Services

Whether you have an in-house bookkeeper who needs additional or specific training, or you’d like to conduct a review of your accounts setup and bookkeeping systems, Cheryl Driscoll has the experience and skills to help you get your team on track.

Not everyone can be an expert at everything when it comes to small business, and your in-house accounting or bookkeeping team may have some great foundation skills, but need additional help working with QuickBooks or setting up current, streamlined bookkeeping systems.

BCA Bookkeeping Offers the Following Training Services

  • Account setup and training for newer businesses that are moving to employing an in-house bookkeeper for the first time.
  • Bookkeeping system evaluation, providing existing systems with a fresh set of highly trained eyes to look for bottlenecks, accuracy issues, consistency in reporting problems, or any one of a considerable number of potential problems.
  • In-house QuickBooks set up, providing businesses that are moving from another accounting system to QuickBooks software with expert-level, professional training on all aspects of the software.

If you’re currently happy with your in-house bookkeeping but want to give your bookkeeper(s) the tools they need to continue to function at the top of their game, then consider bringing in the experts at BCA Bookkeeping for a thorough review and an in-depth refresher course.

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