About Cheryl Driscoll, CPA and BCA Bookkeeping

When you are looking for a qualified bookkeeper to take care of your business’s books, you want someone who has a strong understanding of Accounting, who has the knowledge to keep your business in compliance with government rules and regulations. Most important, you need someone who is available, reliable, and who really cares about you and your business.

A Uniquely Qualified Expert With More Than 20 Years Experience

Image of CherylCheryl Driscoll offers complete, customizable bookkeeping services, so you can have the confidence that your books are in the best care, and you will have the right information you need in order to grow and manage your business.

Cheryl Driscoll, CPA, grew up on a local farm in Bothell, Washington. Integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic were instilled in her from the time she was a very young child, and it is a very important part of who she is today.

Cheryl’s vision for BCA Bookkeeping involves freeing small business owners of the burden of paperwork and accounting duties, so they can do what they do best: build a bigger and better company. She has made it her mission to help business owners reduce their taxes and increase their profitability, by providing timely financial statements and helping business owners learn how to read, understand, and take advantage of them.

She is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 20 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, so when she sends your business’s Accounting File to your Tax Preparer, the file is completely ready to go into the tax software. Your Tax Preparer will not have to spend hours fixing and editing the accounting file, which can help to reduce your Tax Preparer’s fees.

When you’re looking for a qualified bookkeeper to take care of your business’s books, you want someone who has a strong understanding of the accounting rules and tax laws. You want someone who cares about your business and will take the time to understand your needs.

That person is Cheryl Driscoll.

Five Things That Set Cheryl Driscoll Apart From the Bookkeeping Pack

What sets Cheryl apart from other Washington CPAs is her passion for bookkeeping. She listens to her clients to make sure that she has a clear understanding of their needs and requirements. She consistently follows up on any and all inquiries and concerns that they may have.

  • Business Owner:She started her company from scratch, so she knows first-hand the challenges, frustrations, hard work, and uncertainty that business owners experience, and she understands their needs.
  • Government Compliance:Cheryl has been through audits with the IRS, the State of Washington Department of Revenue, L&I and State Unemployment, as well as an immigration audit, and a King County Personal Property Tax audit. She understands exactly what these agencies are looking for, so all of her Accounting files are in compliance with government regulations.
  • Tax Preparation:She prepared taxes for two seasons under the guidance of a local CPA firm. Her experience there resulted in a strong understanding of what the Tax Preparer needs in order to process the accounting information into the tax software.
  • Certified Public Accountant: She keeps up with her continuing education in the field to maintain the highest levels of preparedness.
  • Certified Pro Advisor for QuickBooks: Cheryl has used QuickBooks since the inception of the software, and continues to work closely with Intuit Support whenever it’s required. She will ask the same question to multiple people working in technical support, in order to find the very best solution or answer to any given problem.

Professional Training for Bookkeeping

Cheryl also trains clients in the art of bookkeeping, performing this service with the goal of helping small business owners to do what they do best, and to run their businesses without having to worry about the books. She wants her clients to have the best and clearest understanding of financial matters, and how to continue to grow their bottom line.

Cheryl’s experience, insights, and passion are essential assets for her clients. Cheryl Driscoll and BCA Bookkeeping have more than twenty years of experience. She has extensive knowledge of the entire suite of QuickBooks accounting solutions and will gladly train you and your employees in multiple aspects of the art of professional bookkeeping.  

Cheryl Driscoll: Bookkeeping With Integrity

Cheryl approaches every client’s files and business with the utmost integrity, and always maintains these four rules:

  1. She only bills for the time the work should take. If it takes her 12 hours and it should only take 8 hours, then the client gets billed for 8.
  2. Mistakes are rarely, if ever, made. But in the event that one is made, the client will not be charged for the time it takes to address the error.
  3. If she doesn’t know something, the client does not get charged for the time it takes her to research the answer.
  4. She always looks for things to make bookkeeping more efficient and less time consuming. For example, she will talk her clients about ways they can provide the information in a more efficient manner, without adding extra time to the client’s workload.

If you value a good Accounting system and want to understand how your business is doing, please contact Cheryl Driscoll, CPA at BCA Consulting for a one hour, no-obligation consultation. You will always speak with a real person who will get to know you and your business’s vision, and strive to ease your bookkeeper burden.

Visit our Services page to learn more about how Cheryl’s client-oriented services as accountant, bookkeeper, or QuickBooks Pro advisor can benefit your small business.

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